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What is Sublimation & Benefits Of Dye Sublimation?

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What is sublimation?

An image is imprinted onto a product using a process known as sublimation. You can use dye sublimation to print on porcelain, wood, and metals in addition to fabrics, which is a terrific alternative for a number of reasons.

In order to turn the ink into a gas, sublimation rapidly heats it to about 392 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius). The printed material is then touched with the gaseous ink, where it instantly solidifies and forms a link with the fibers.

Printing techniques, such as screen printing, just apply ink to the surface and heat it until it adheres. For a more durable result, sublimated ink embeds into the materials. In a sense, the ink merges with the substance.

You won’t be making dye sublimation t-shirts at home anytime soon, unlike heat transfer printing techniques. High-tech printers and specialized ink are used. On the other hand, all you need to do heat printing at home is a hot iron and the transfer.

Non Woven geotextile suppliers

What is DYE sublimation?

High-end technology is used in the complicated yet straightforward process of dye-sublimation to print ink on the fabric. Sublimation ink, which is utilized in this method, is changed directly from a solid to a gas in the apparatus. This enables the application of an image to cloth under pressure and heat and ensures that a vivid and colorful design will be displayed.

While it could appear that this is the only benefit, dye sublimation has a lot of advantages. To learn what they are and how to start getting the dye-sublimated clothing you require, continue reading below.

The benefits of DYE sublimation

  1. High-quality finish

Because the final output is so much more aesthetically pleasing than printing, dye sublimation is frequently preferred to many other printing choices. This is because the ink is incorporated into the fibers during the process. 

When this occurs, the design appears to be woven into the fabric rather than being simply printed on it. Additionally, you can choose to have this process done in a variety of hues, from dark to brilliant.

  1. Continuous tone print

Your preferred clothing or fabric can be dyed in brighter, smoother color variations. This is because dye sublimation enables the use of continuous tone printing. 

Since dye sublimation is the only process that has been proven to accomplish this yet, it is frequently referred to as other printing techniques like inkjet and screen printing. Overall, a dye-sublimated cloth has a far more premium appearance than those made in other ways.

  1. Durability

The dye/ink is permanent and cannot be peeled out because it soaks deeply into the fabric. Other printing techniques just apply an ink layer that rests on top of the fabric, despite the fact that they can provide good results. 

Due to almost daily wear and tear, they will eventually crack and separate from the clothing. However, dye-sublimation allows dye/ink to effectively turn into the cloth itself, giving you high-durability printing that won’t quickly fade away.


Now that you are aware of the advantages of dye-sublimation, don’t be reluctant to get your attractive, long-lasting items from the best supplier. When you work with the top Non-Woven geotextile suppliers to get your dye-sublimated shirt, we’re positive that you’ll be joined to the long list of happy customers.

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